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Every weekend, a great group of people come together to play airsoft.   These people embrace strategy, fitness, intellect, and adventure.  Come out and join us for fun games featuring incredible missions and exciting action





Rental Package if needed

We have the power

12 grams CO2

Green Gas

CO2 refills

HPA fills

Bio BB’s

We only allow biodegradable airsoft BB’s.  They can be purchased at our facility in various weights.


We welcome new players and experienced players to join our airsoft community.

Operation Battlefront Calverton

Ghost Dog Adeventure Company is proud to announce Operation Battelfield Calverton.

Date to be announced.



Soft-Face Protection allowed for 18+

Team Base Missions

Great Outdoor Maps

We Are Open For


We play airsoft all year round, rain or shine.  How awesome is that?

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ThE Rules

Full Face Goggles

Any under 18 must use hard protection paintball rated goggles that cover the face and ears.   18 and older may use soft face.

Bio BB's Only

They are great for the environment and great for the game.    We do sell biodegradable bb’s at our facility.

FPS Limits

Based on .25 gram bb’s,  the standard max fps is 400 fps.  Changing bb weight will require altering max velocity.

Special allowance for the following:

  • SAW – 50 foot minimum range: 450 fps
  • Sniper- 100 foot minimum range:  500 fps


Specific game formats require different rules which will be explained at facility.  All games formats require players to use a red elimination flag. 

We can provide those flags if players do not have their own.

Barrel Blockers

Approved airsoft barrel blockers must be used whenever off of the playing field or in any staging areas.

Mags out

When coming off the playing field, we require mags out as a secondary safety measure.


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Long Island Airsoft

407 Edwards Ave
Calverton, NY 11933
(631) 698-6230

It’s Time to get out And Play


Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics. Unlike paintball, airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic. The guns used are full-scale replicas of real-world weapons.

Airsoft Rules

Always wear goggles

Always use barrel blockers

Mags out when off field

Follow our FPS limits

Respect the advisors

Use Red Elimination Flags

Airsoft Conduct

Respect new players

Play with honor

No foul language

Assist others in need

Share your stories

Always have fun

Be Social