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The Game

It’s time for the army to move in for the finale. After flushing the rebels out from many of their strongholds they appear to have them cornered.

The rebels, refusing to give up, have made a few deals to seize an advantage. The rebel forces need to uproot the army from their stronghold. Their last ditch effort in the previous engagement has bought them some time to make their move. They are on an all out offensive in an all or nothing fight for survival.  Waving the red flag, and with a few tricks up their sleeve, they will attack and corner the army while reinforcements are still blocked.

The army has control over all communications able to signal for reinforcements. With one major push the army may re-establish a quicker supply line of units. With the primary goal of defending claimed territory the army has lined up fragos to increase their security. Under the blue banner of peace, the Army will defend their new home.

While the rebels will start the fight with a strong pincer, the army will have limited security forces at key objectives of their choosing. Both sides will be aided by GRI units, at a cost of course, while they are still on the prowl for some mysterious source of energy.

This Crimson skies conflict will be a non stop fight for survival.

The Rules
  • Full seal eye protection at all times. Under 18 must have hard cover over lower half of face. 18 and over must have something to cover their lower face. 
  • Barrel covers are required in safe areas such as parking lot. Magazines will be removed, and clear anything in the chamber while still on the designated game field. 
  • Biodegradable ammo is required for all outdoor games. 
  • Currently there are no weapon type restrictions, as long as it fires a biodegradable smooth spherical bb within the required joule limit. Standard limits are 1.85 joules for rifles and saws with a minimum engagement of 15 feet. DMR/Sniper limits are 2.35 joules for fixed semi DMR with a MED of 50 feet and 2.85 joules for bolt action sniper rifles with an MED of 75 feet. Full travel blowback pistols do not have a minimum engagement distance, but may not use full auto. 
  • No Knife kills. COVID rules, stay further than 6 feet. 
  • No homemade grenades or smokes. Must be cold burning and at permission of host field. Currently no Enola Gaye smoke at Cousin’s Calverton. 
  •  Grenades have a 15 ft kill radius upon detonation and bbs exiting the grenade. The grenade must eject bbs, and look like a grenade. – 15 feet is roughly equivalent of 3 strides from point of explosion or Impact if chalk round. – Additionally Nerf Howler rockets may be used as well with a 15 foot radius from it’s stopping point. – A thunder b shaped like flashbang does not count as a kill, and neither does a thunderflash, those are distraction only. – Chalk marking grenades may be used to disable/destroy specialty vehicles and bunkers, otherwise fall under the distraction category. 
  • Blindfire is prohibited and can result in being removed from the game. 
  • Surrender is an option when you have caught a player dead to rights under the minimum engagement distance. It is within a players best interest to accept the surrender take out the red rag and call their hit. If a player decides to fight the surrender, they should be prepared for the consequences. Not immediately acknowledging the Surrender call counts as an attempt to fight back. 
  • Semi only at these ranges. 
  • All players hit by a bb to either body or gear are counted as hit. Gun hits must be called out, but do not count as a player hit. 
  • When hit a player must take out a dead rag to signify that they have been hit. There is a 3 minute bleed out time then the player returns to respawn. Hit players can be moved by other live players. The Hit player cannot talk except to call for a medic until they are either revived or respawned. – possible medic rule COVID restriction permitting [[[ The medic takes uses a supplied medic bandage and wraps it thin and high around one of the hit players limbs. Upon the callout “healed!” the player is back in the game until being hit again. It is up to the medic how to distribute their healing bands. There is no limit on how many times a player can be healed by a medic as long as a fresh medic band is used each time. Medic Rule – in addition to medics players may perform buddy aid for a SINGLE HIT ONLY IF the hit player has a reusable airsoft tourniquet such as the BAE airsoft of Milsim West TQ. Exceptions may be made for full cloth ace bandages with velcro on a case by case basis]]] – medic rules subject to change or elimination 
  • There is no physical contact unless otherwise agreed upon for the purpose of the game. In which case it will only be between players and role players. There is no player to player physical contact with the exception of dragging an injured buddy at the players discretion.  

Interactive map. Will be updated leading up to the event.
Google link will be posted to crimson skies Facebook event page.
Respawns subject to shift from current points due to dep regulations.



Timeline for OP: Crimson Skies VIIII
830 Regi Opens
1000 Orientation- come ready
1030 Start
1300 lunch break – place orders early from pizzeria
1400 Game on
1600 Final Objective
1630 End

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Wave Respawns every 15 minutes

Multiple Respawn Insertions

Enhanced Game Map

Long Island Airsoft

407 Edwards Ave
Calverton, NY 11933
(631) 698-6230

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Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics. Unlike paintball, airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic. The guns used are full-scale replicas of real-world weapons.

Airsoft Rules

Always wear goggles

Always use barrel blockers

Mags out when off field

Follow our FPS limits

Respect the advisors

Use Red Elimination Flags

Airsoft Conduct

Respect new players

Play with honor

No foul language

Assist others in need

Share your stories

Always have fun

Be Social